Dear Customer,

Rogers Manufacturing Corporation (RMC) was founded in 1980 with eight employees. In the earlier years, the core of our business came from local builders and lumberyards within a 100-mile radius. Computer technology was just coming of age and engineering and accounting functions were performed on a very limited basis.

Since that time, we have grown to employ well over 150 employees and service accounts in 12 states. Computer enhancements have increased our capability tremendously. Some of these include CAD engineering design programs and computer driven saws and laser jigging in the plant.

We are very proud of our sales and technical staff, as well as our management team. Our staff has over 700 years of combined industry experience. They come from a variety of backgrounds including engineering, construction technology, wood science and business management. Our staff also includes several key employees who came up through the "school of hard knocks" starting out in the plant as truss assemblers and sawyers.

If you are entertaining a proposal from us, please feel welcome to visit our plant in Monroe, Louisiana or Nashville, Tennessee. You can also contact the RMC office nearest from this link. Also available to you is a resume' of recent and current jobs in progress including contractor/superintendent names and telephone numbers.
We at RMC believe that our customers are our most important asset. Our commitment to you simply stated is:

"The Best Quality, The Best Service, at a Competitive Price"

Derek Moody